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2019 Dual Celebration Day.


The 49th Anniversary of the Principality.


Laying to Rest,
the Ashes of HRH Prince Leonard.

21st April 2019

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This year the Principality of Hutt River celebrates its 49th year of Independence.

It is also the first year without our beloved founder and first Sovereign
HRH Prince Leonard George Casley who passed away February 13th 2019.

To celebrate the Anniversary and remember Prince Leonard, 2 events will be celebrated together.
The 2 events being the 49th Anniversary and as was Prince Leonard's wishes, the laying of his ashes to rest in the PHR; and we are inviting the public to attend by special invitation.

By invite only:

Come to Nain and celebrate our 49th Anniversary with us, be guided around the buildings and showcases as well as listen to our story and ask your questions of our Sovereign
Prince Graeme who will guide you through.

A special Visa Card will be issued on the day only, so a great souvenir to keep, and it will be required for all adults attending to have a visa the cost of which is only $4 per person (Children n/c).

The day will commence with the release of 2 new postage stamp issues by the
Royal Hutt River Postal Service.

  1. Set of 4 stamps of famous scientists, various face values, original art by
    Lord David P. Burkart
    KGSRO, KCOWL, PHR Earl Marshal.

    This set was destined for release on this day commemorating the 49th Anniversary of the PHR and as both a salute and recognition of Prince Leonard's many, many years of involvement in physics and mathematics, something for which he is known throughout the world
    and well respected for his discoveries.

    The stamps will be available, as will a First Day of Issue Cover, at the PHR Post Office.
  2. The second issue is a single $10 face value Memorial postage stamp.
    The design features a photo of HRH Prince Leonard in his Robes and with the Royal Sword, taken in the Chapel of Nain by a PHR Royal Photographer Hon. Hugh Brown of Western Australia.

    The stamp and a First Day of Issue Cover will be available at the PHR Post Office.

    NOTE: A very limited number of "Special Commemorative" First Day of Issue Covers will be produced and only available over the counter at the PHR Post Office on the Celebration day April 21st 2019 for each of the two issues. If you want that extra "investment" item to keep for the grandkids then consider these 2 special covers as well as the normal FDC for each issue.

    *Remember, a very limited number of the "Special" First Day Covers produced (60 ea) and only available here in the PHR on the Celebration day, April 21 2019.

    That will be 2 first Day of Issue Covers for each issue and the first time the PHR has issued such.

(Stamp details available soon).

During your visit, take a look through at your own leisure, take photo's as you please and why not take a quick seat in the Royal Chairs located in Princess Shirley's Chapel of Nain but remember; left seat for the male (Chair of the Sovereign Prince), right seat for the female (Chair of the Princess).

Take in the many pieces of art that may be found throughout, paintings, pottery and statues, found art, stone carving etc etc with special attention to the art of Taiwan that was presented to the Principality some years ago by the Taiwanese people in Melbourne, Victoria; and then take a look at the many beautiful Chinese dresses presented to HRH Princess Shirley and now displayed
in the tea-rooms for all to see.

Each building is full of interesting pieces of history should you take the time to look, pieces include a piece of the Berlin Wall that was presented to Government officers and Heads of State (Prince Leonard included), piece of the Golden Gate Bridge removed as part of normal maintenance and again presented to people. There are items donated by Diplomats, Police departments, Military members, Naval ships,  dolls in international dress of many lands and much more from all around the globe.

You can learn more about visiting us by CLICKING HERE,

Official Celebration day program runs from:

1pm - 4pm (Approx):

Main Celebration will start at 1pm in Princess Shirley's Chapel of Nain.

It is to be a civil celebration where speakers will talk about the 49th anniversary and of course about the life of Prince Leonard. There may well also be a bestowal of Honours (Investiture).

The official Celebration will close with laying Prince Leonard's Ashes to rest in the PHR as was Prince Leonard's wishes and again we invite you to be there for this final farewell to:
HRH Prince Leonard.

At the end of the official ceremony we invite you to attend an afternoon tea in the tea rooms, compliments of the Principality of Hutt River.
An opportunity to mix with members of the PHR Royal Family and maybe have a chat with one or two.

How to obtain an invite to attend:

To attend the day you must have an invite from the PHR and to obtain that you will need to email the Sovereign's Aide de Camp via it's as simple as that.

The only charge to attend is the $4 per adult for the Visa and that will give you a special Visa card to keep as a souvenir of the event, this Visa you will obtain at the PHR Post Office on arrival.
We have to issue invites in order to be aware of and to control the number of people attending, it is very important that we know the numbers to expect so please, do not forget to email in advance so that your names can be put down and an invitation for you to attend can be confirmed.


Email to receive an invitation to attend the Celebration.

All bookings to the ADC.
    E-Mail for invitation to attend celebration......Click Here!

If you are attending:

Please remember that the PHR does not have any accommodation available though there are plenty of options in Australian towns around us in places such as Northampton, Port Gregory etc.

There are plenty of unpowered camping/cvan sites available at a cost of only $5 per  night for each adult, children free.

If camping then please remember that you need to bring in your own food & drinks as we have no stores in the PHR to support the public.

You can learn more about visiting the PHR by visiting our
"VISITOR" page:   

More information will be published as it comes to hand.


Unpowered  camping/caravan sites are available and must also be booked to assure a spot is available for you.

All bookings to the main office.
    E-Mail Camping enquiries......Click Here!

Other accommodation of all types may be found in surrounding Australian towns
i.e. Northampton, Horrocks, Port Gregory, Kalbarri

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