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Office of the Registrar of Companies & Banks.

Companies House

Principality of Hutt River,

Via Western Australia 6535





Office of the Registrar of Companies & Banks




The Companies Gazette has been moved from being a simple printed publication to this latest version published in the Companies section of the Govt website in order that it be accessible to the maximum number of people who may be interested or seeking the latest information releases from this Office.

It is envisaged that all important information and updates concerning not only the operations and services available from this office but also information related to the current or revised status of Companies registered by this authority, most importantly to publish the names of Companies that may be suspended or about to be de-registered,  or have indeed been de-registered.

This publication will simply list published information in chronological order, with the latest releases on top and the oldest information to the bottom. A separate section will appear at the end of this page where you will find the list of any "suspended/de-registered" Companies for your quick reference and security. Please note that whilst we will make every effort to ensure that this information is kept fully up to date you should still contact the Office of the Registrar in order to answer any particular matters of concern or questions that you may have by e-mail to:

It is also hoped to publish "good news" stories of Companies registered by this Principality to show what is being achieved by many of them in various fields of trade and endeavours in many lands around this planet and Companies who have stories and information that they would like to have promoted on these pages are welcome to submit them to the Deputy Registrar for consideration of inclusion.





Government Notice of

False Claims



2014 January 06: Patapios Tranakas LLC Struck Off.

Notice is hereby given that, under Section 103 (5) of the Principality of Hutt River IBC Act 2009 (Act No. 3 of 2009), the company Patapios Tranakas LLC, Company No. 1021, incorporated in the Principality of Hutt River on 22nd August 2005, was struck-off the PHR Register of International Business Companies on 06th January 2014 for failing to pay its Annual Fee and penalties.

2013 March 11: Non-registration and non-license of American Culture University  

It has come to our attention that American Culture University Co. Limited, trading as American Culture University (website:, a company that was formerly registered and licensed with this Principality, is still claiming to have an association with this Principality when, in fact, it does not. 

We advise that the company’s PHR registration and license expired on 13th May 2011 and were not and will not be renewed.  Any claim that they may make, on their website or otherwise, as to a continued association with this Principality is fraudulent. 

It should be noted that this Principality does not have any universities registered or licensed at this time and as a general rule, does not normally register or license educational institutions outside of its own PHR Royal College of Heraldry and the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research both of which are "specialist field" Colleges of the PHR formed in the PHR.

2009 February 18:
It has come to our attention that UG Bank under it's New Zealand Registered arm Universal Gold Finance (which we note also carries false and misleading claims pertaining to a supposed relationship with this principality) is now also trading as "Wolf Alliance & Wolf Bank" , Wolf Alliance being a Company newly registered in New Zealand and again the website for these organisations, which is basically the same content & layout as UG Bank's Site, also includes statements that claim they are "Headquartered in this Principality" and now in this instance, they are additionally also "Officially Incorporated Agents for the Registration of IBC's" for this Principality (amongst others) and are once again also showing our flag and that same misleading phone number etc as UG Bank.
This Company, "Wolf Alliance" has never (till now) been heard of in this Principality, has never been registered by this Principality, is not associated with this Principality and there are NO OUTSIDE REGISTERED AGENTS "OFFICIAL" OR OTHERWISE FOR THIS PRINCIPALITY. This company and anything associated with either of these operations should therefore be treated with great caution. Any misrepresentations regards this Principality should again be referred back to our authorities for action.

2009 February 17: It has come to the attention of the Registrar's Office that Universal Gold Bank Corp (UGB) is still promoting the false and misleading claims that it is located and Headquartered in the Principality of Hutt River and is also providing a contact phone number supposedly within this Principality. This is of great concern to us. Neither of these claims are true, this "bank" has never had a physical presence within this Principality, it is in no way associated with or ever was associated with this Principality in any other format other than to have been a Registered IBC with an Offshore Bank  Licence. It was found in breach of the Principality IBC and Banking Acts, amongst other matters of concern to this authority, within its first year of registration with this principality and as a result of its failure to comply with the directions of the Deputy Registrar was suspended from trading, primarily as  a warning to comply, in October 2008 and then de-registered for failing to comply in November 2008 (see table below).
Any claims of association, current registration & Licence to trade or location/involvement etc within this Principality are false and must therefore be deemed to be misleading. Any claims made to the contrary should be forwarded to this Principality for the attention and action of our Authorities.

2009 February 08: PHR Royal College of Advanced Research registered as an accredited Publishing House and first batch of ISBN numbers issued for allocation to current and future publications.

2008 October 21: The suspended Universal Gold Bank Corp. (UGB) received final demand from the Deputy Registrar giving 28 days notice to remove all false and misleading references to the Principality of Hutt River from it's website and any other materials on which it may be promoting it's false claims of location/operation within PHR etc.

2008 September 23: Deputy Registrar announces intent to "clean-up" the area of financial & educational institutions registered by the Principality's previous Registrar of Companies with a number of complaints having been received concerning the operation of some of these institutions. (CLICK HERE)

2008 July 24: Important announcement from HRH Prince Leonard concerning the re-call of the Office of the Registrar of Companies and Banks to Nain, Principality of Hutt River (CLICK HERE)

2008 July 23: Public advice/warning from the PHR Diplomatic Security Force concerning investigations into false claims by "Cyber or Offshore Banks" of various schemes to obtain monies, fraudulently claiming to be supported by this Principality (CLICK HERE)



Companies that are:
Suspended, Struck - Off or No Longer Registered

Company Name


  Struck - Off   No Longer registered  
Gordon University Oct 13th 2008   Feb 14th 2009      
Universal Gold Bank Corp.
t/as UG Bank or UGB

Oct 21st 2008


Nov 21st 2008

University of National Union         Apr 14th 2011  
American Culture University         May 13 2011  
  Patapios Tranakas LLC      Jan 06 2014      



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