Ridgedale was established in 1921, with the coming of the Canadian National Railway into the district. Located in the boreal transition eco-region, Ridgedale is a short drive from Melfort, Tisdale, and Nipawin.

Ridgedale is primarily an agricultural area.
The rich farmland that surrounds Ridgedale produces many cereal, oilseed and specialty crops. The alfalfa dehydrating plant located near Ridgedale employs several local people while purchasing alfalfa from local farmers.

The people of Ridgedale are very active in their community and anyone who is interested in moving to Ridgedale, or visiting the community, would be treated with rural Saskatchewan hospitality.
(Ref source:  Saskbiz)


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Ridgedale Community Hall


Friday Night Bingo


Horseshoe Throwing Pits





Ridgedale's Childrens Park




Ridgedale's Childrens Park


Village Office







Seniors Villa


Fire Station


Ridgedale Hotel





Ridgedale Co-Op

Ridgedale "Welcome" Sign

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1st Avenue East

1st Street East Ridgedale
Post Office

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Legion Home

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