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Invitation for Honours Nominations

Three times a year, HRH Prince Graeme recognizes people around the world for outstanding achievements or performance in a wide range of areas by conferring Royal Honours upon individuals or organisations on behalf of the Principality, these occasions being:..

New Year Honours List       Jan 01st 2019
48th Anniversary Honours List     April 21st 2018
Sovereigns 62nd Birthday Honours List      September 06th 2019

One of these occasions -- Sovereigns 62nd Birthday List, September 06th 2019 -- is fast approaching and the Principality invites all people of good will to participate in this program. Nominations close Monday August 26th 2019.

Here is how it works.

Nominees need not be someone famous or distinguished. Rather, we are looking to recognize people from all walks of life who contribute in some way to a cause, which could be an organization, community outreach, sports team or almost any activity of benefit to all. There are also those who work quietly behind the scenes on a personal level. The type of contribution should be something other than just excelling at their paid work.

One need not be a citizen of the Principality of Hutt River to participate as a nominator or a nominee.  No self nominations are allowed. There are archived examples of previous awards at the Principality website and links to these have been provided at the end of this article. An application form in  MSWord or .PDF  format may be downloaded by clicking on the active link word, they are also provided on the Government download page.
Simply follow the instructions and send the materials as directed.  We hope all who read this will be moved to participate. The grant and type of award given are at the sole discretion of HRH Prince Graeme. There are 4 Orders of Chivalry from which the Sovereign may choose to Award a successful nominee plus the Title of "Honourable".

There is also the "Red Cross of Hutt Award" for individuals/groups/corporations available to recognise outstanding charitable works. This award is administered by HRH Princess Shirley and the Board of Directors of the Red Cross of Hutt and consideration of this award is given on each of the three Honours occasions each year so nominations are also welcome for this charity award.

There are no costs involved, no fee's to pay, Honours cannot be purchased and are not offered for sale.
Successful nominees will be reported on the website in the Honours List and will also receive a Certificate, Signed by both the Sovereign and the Grand Master of the relevant Order confirming the Award and the bestowal will also be recorded in the Royal College of Heraldry Archives.

A beautiful custom made Jewel pertaining to the Award and boxed in a velvet presentation case is available to those who desire it and this Jewel may be purchased via email by contacting the PHR-OnLine Sales Office and requesting their assistance, the cost being dependent upon the level of Jewel involved.. It must be noted that the Jewel is not a required part of the Award, but some like the option so we make it available to those who may desire it or indeed it makes a great gift from the sponsors.

People may be nominated for outstanding works or actions which are carried out for the benefit of others and not themselves.
Generally, work carried out that is expected and remunerated as part of paid employment is not considered for recognition or Honours as the recognition has been given in the remuneration received in such paid employ. On rare occasions this may be re-considered where someone's actions whilst employed are of outstanding benefit to mankind to such a degree that they are seen worthy of further recognition, but in the main the board of the RCH and the Sovereign is looking to reward and recognise people of outstanding merit who are seen by their peers to deserve recognition and reward for their services which may well be performed with little or no expectation of reward but are services provided simply because a person cares for humanity.

Remember: Nominations for this next round close Monday August 26th 2019.

The better the information provided the better the chance of success with a nomination.
A photo of the nominee for publishing is also a good idea for if a nomination is successful.
If a nomination is not accepted, it may be submitted again without prejudice. 

Nominations and supporting documents/information must be provided in English.
Self-nominations are not entertained.

Our thanks to all who support this initiative.

Dr. Sir David Burkart KGSRO.
              Earl Marshal
PHR Royal College of Heraldry




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